Ways to Engage Your Audience – The Less Obvious Stuff

In “the basics” we looked at some of the more obvious ways to engage your viewers such as using quizzes, polls and showcase comments.  Here we will look at some of the other tools available to you that can get your audience ‘doing something’ while watching your presentation. Links While adding links to your presentation[…]

Ways to Engage Your Audience – The Basics

These days video is everywhere and as a viewer sometimes it’s hard not to get caught treating it as if you were watching TV.  Video, in learning especially, shouldn’t be a one sided affair and the easiest way to ensure that your viewers are paying attention is to keep them involved.  That’s where Mediasite’s range[…]

2015 Video Predictions: Sonic Foundry Forecasts This Year’s Trends

Video is the single most transformative asset for a campus or the enterprise. Video-based online learning is now a standard offering in higher education and the enterprise as more and more people realize its power to span distance and time and streamline communication. Here are our predictions for the top five big trends in video[…]