March 11, 2018

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“Mediasite – It Just Works”

Why JPL Media?

JPL Media is the most trusted partner for Mediasite in the Southern Hemisphere. Our founder, Julian Lefebvre – introduced the Mediasite platform to the market in 2004 and since then we’ve been supporting a wide range of users from Australia’s best universities to government departments, associations and more.

When it comes to putting your trust in Mediasite, why risk a bad experience? You’ve come to the right place because everyone at JPL Media is focused on your success. Our team is made up of ex Sonic Foundry employees and Mediasite customers – meaning that you get access to the most experienced, most passionate, most knowledgable team available in Australia & New Zealand.

Why Mediasite?

The Mediasite Video Platform is the most automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. It lets you focus on the bigger picture – transforming education, accelerating training, personalizing communications and amplifying your organization’s knowledge.




More than any other academic video platform, colleges and universities rely on Mediasite to reliably and affordably transform teaching, student learning, outreach and competitiveness. Instructors embrace it. Students love it. Technologists depend on it.


National, state and local government depend on Mediasite for the most reliable and secure video capture, delivery and management. Mediasite empowers departments and agencies to significantly streamline communications, save costs and expand public outreach.


More than 1,600 businesses trust Mediasite to leverage video to communicate with greater impact, more reliably deliver and affordably preserve company knowledge, strengthen internal collaboration and improve customer service.


Hundreds of customers in the medical field choose Mediasite to be at the heart of their education and training curriculum. Whether it’s recording lectures, complex medical procedures, staff training or patient instructions, video visually adds to the experience enabling you to deliver highly technical information with ease.


With Mediasite at the core of your association’s knowledge-sharing strategy, record and broadcast conferences and meetings of any size for maximum reach, preserve and monetize valuable content and keep members and prospective members in the know with immediate, engaging video communications.

On Premises or in the Cloud

Choose the video streaming and management model that works best for your organization

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Or combine models any time for an optimized hybrid deployment.