New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Start Your Video Strategy

With nothing but growth expected for the online video market in 2015, it’s time for your enterprise to start adopting some resolutions to make your videos more engaging and discoverable. With the festive season over, here are seven New Year’s resolutions you should consider for successful enterprise video management in 2015:

Resolution #1: Optimize your video metadata

Nothing could be more wasteful than producing video content that loses value after its initial use. How, you might ask, could your videos lose value? If they’re used once and then left buried under a mountain of other content, these videos become a pile of wasted potential.

In order to maximize the value of your videos, invest in and optimize your enterprise video metadata. This way, your target audience will be able to easily discover and consume the information that may be buried within the timeline of the video.

Resolution #2: Optimize for mobile video viewing

Though most video viewing still takes place on desktop devices, mobile viewing is on the rise. Increased mobility in students, employees’ and consumers’ lives will drive the demand for mobile-optimized video. You’ll need to ensure that your enterprise videos, regardless of their original format, are properly encoded, stored, and able to be streamed to multiple devices with multiple format requirements. This enables your audience to have a consistent, positive viewing experience across desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Resolution #3: Create clear calls-to-action (CTA’s)

As with each piece of content your enterprise creates, your videos should include compelling CTAs. Keep in mind, context is incredibly important. When it comes to creating powerful CTA’s, keep these tips in mind:

  • Your CTAs should be precisely targeted to your video message
  • Deliver dynamic and clickable links in and around the video player that create further engagement
  • Surveys/Polls/Quizzes will help you find out what content resonates with your employees

Ideally, you should be able to deliver calls-to-action in sync with the video timeline, and serve multiple CTAs within each video, with each call-to-action targeting or reinforcing a different message.

Resolution #4: Promote sharing on both external and internal video

Not only does social sharing increase your organisations overall reach, but it also directly affects purchasing decisions. According to a study from Levels Beyond, 61% of people are more likely to watch company videos that friends have shared, 45% are more likely to share company videos and 38% think a company’s video is worth watching when it’s trending on social sites.

Don’t forget about your employees as well. As Millennials enter the workforce, the use enterprise social technologies is rising rapidly. If your enterprise has gone social, make sure your enterprise video platform not only provides sharing, but also provides permission setting in order to prevent each video from getting to someone it shouldn’t. The easiest way to accomplish this is with a video platform that natively integrated with your security management system.

Resolution #5: Re-purpose your videos

As I mentioned above, utilizing metadata to enable rich video search will increase the value of your videos. Another way to increase the value and longevity of video content: re-purpose it. Include videos in blog posts, white papers, social media campaigns and internal communications. As long as your message is relevant and chock-full of actionable takeaways, viewers will continue to watch and interact with your content (regardless of its release date).

Resolution #6: Get organized

Well, if you are storing video, you know the importance of organization. Create playlists and channels of related video content to boost discovery and consumption. Often, when people are searching for information on a specific topic, they’ll pull in multiple resources. Give them easy access to curated content broken down by category or subject, and they’ll be more likely to reward you with video views and engagement. Keeping your internal video organized under one silo will also help promote content discovery.

Resolution #7: Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC)

It is essential, as an enterprise, to enable user-generated content both internally and externally. Internal UGC can be used for employee knowledge capture and transfer, training, and communications. Each and every person you employ can bring new ideas and initiatives to the table via video content. Externally, UGC will help your enterprise gather feedback, both good and bad, that can be shared internally to help shape and ultimately improve the strategic direction.

Though you may already have goals and campaigns set up for the New Year, there is always time to embrace new resolutions that will take your enterprise video to the next level in 2015.

Happy New Year!

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