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Sonic Foundry is the developer of the most trusted video management platform for academicenterprise and event webcasting. We were founded in 1991 in Madison, Wisconsin, and our first products were groundbreaking software applications that let the average person with a PC manipulate digital audio and video. Ten years later, we decided to tackle some bigger enterprise communication and video content management problems.The result is Mediasite, the patented webcasting platform, which automates the capture, management, delivery, search and analytics of video lectures, online training, conference presentations and executive briefings.
Based on the experience of our core competence in this market environment and the intensive work with numerous and various customers and activities in project business, the ViMP GmbH, with its focus on modular product development and services, already today, is one of the technology leading providers for portal and application solutions with high growth potential.Reference customers like the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Deutsche Telekom, DMAX, Constantin Film, Goethe-Institut, MTV, VIVA, Otto Versand, GfK, Novartis, Red Bull, Bosch, Discovery Channel, BSkyB, Audi AG, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Ericsson or Bravo proove the marketability of this platform. Furthermore, the software can reference more than 40.000 international customers of the smaller versions.
Hi, we’re Zerista. In 2009, we had a bold idea for meetings and events. While events were under fire for over spending and under performance, we believed events could be the most effective growth engine for businesses and associations. We believed in a world where attendees flock to conferences and tradeshows like never before. We believed in a world where marketers increase spending at events every year. We believed in a world where people who produce events are looked up to and admired. events are looked up to and admired.
Over the past four years, we’ve showed that world exists.
We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and associations on six continents, unlocking the potential of this new world of events – with our software and our team. With offices in Denver, Colorado – Gold Coast, Australia and London, England, Zerista supports you and your team with the “been there, done that” knowledge that comes from working on thousands of successful events.
Eventsforce Solutions Ltd. was established in 2004. George Sirius (CEO), Fred Gustafsson (Head of Development) and Jeremy Ward (Head of Infrastructure) decided to start the company after recognizing the need for a more powerful, flexible, and cost effective software solution designed to specifically meet the needs of anyone tasked with planning events.

The mission of Eventsforce is to deliver an event management software solution that can significantly improve the working lives of people who manage events and at the same time, provide tangible, measurable benefits for the businesses they work within.

The principle goal of the Eventsforce team is to ensure the highest possible standard of support for clients, from product features to aftercare service. All our efforts are driven towards fulfilling these objectives:

To create carefully designed, intuitive and bug-free software, that takes advantage of the latest technological developments
To provide a personalized, individualized solution that is based on the needs of the client
To offer an integration service to support the business requirements of the client
To design and deliver a training program tailored for each individual client
To ensure that our support team is responsive, caring and knowledgeable, with a willingness to go the extra mile