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Making the most of recording your event

Whether you’re live streaming your conference or event, or recording for the audience to watch at a later time, the benefits of webcasting are numerous.

The old myth that if you record your event no one will attend in person has proven to be inaccurate time and again. If anything, conference organisers are reporting that numbers are up the following year due to the interest generated from the previous year’s event.

But how do you make the most of having our team onsite?

Recording Presentations

You may have one speaker talking about one topic for an hour or you may be hosting a multi-day, multi-room event with several speakers talking on a range of topics.  No matter your agenda, recording the presentation/s so that people who physically can’t be in the room will ensure that you’ve immediately broadened your audience (and possibly your income source).  But the reach is far greater than a possibly larger live audience. It also gives those who did attend in person the chance to re-watch the presentation when they’re back at their desk, in their own time.  And for those of you who have concurrent presentations occurring, it saves your attendees from having to miss out on hearing a great speaker because they were attending another talk.

If your budget won’t stretch to recording every minute of the program then have a think about what’s most important.  Perhaps you only want the keynote speakers, maybe it’s the hands on demonstrations, it could be those hard to get speakers such as people from overseas.  At the end of the day you may need to think about what people will really want to see (or see again) and make sure that’s your first option. But if you’re able to, considered recording all of your speakers and then use that as a way to encourage the online audience to attend your next event or become a member of your organisation so that they can see even more content.

Highlight Reels

If you’ve decided to get us on site to record your event why not take advantage and get us to record some highlight reels for future marketing purposes?  These are great to put on your social media pages, LinkedIn account, predominately featured on your website or sent out in an email blast.

It reminds the people who did attend of presentations they may not have see yet, sponsors they wanted to follow up with, a survey you may want done or just for the chance to spot themselves in a background shot.  For those that didn’t attend it can be a great enticer to sign up and watch the presentations that were recorded.

Highlight reels can be 60 seconds of showing what your event was about, or they could be slightly longer and include people talking about why they love attending, sponsors about why they wanted to be involved or speakers letting potential viewers know why they should click on their presentation’s link and listen to what they have to say.

Post Event Recap

Recording a short video after the event has finished talking about how successful it was is a nice way to cap of your conference, and similar to a highlights reel, can be put on your social media pages with an overview of how people will be able to re-watch the great speakers that you had.  It’s also a chance to tell people about your organisation and how they can be involved in future events.

Another idea for a post event video is to ask a panel of people to talk about their experience over the course of the conference.  You could include a speaker, an attendee and a sponsor and either conduct it interview style where you ask each of them questions, or they could each speak for a minute or two on why they thought attending was beneficial.


On top of recording your event we can also provide photography services.  Photos are a great way to market your organisation or event, not just afterwards, but during the event as well.  We could be taking photos and providing them to your social media team to upload along with a reminder to jump on and check out the next live webcast.

It’s also another way to make sure that your sponsors and exhibitors are getting more bang for their buck if you’re including photos of their booth in future marketing campaigns or in your highlights packages.

Pre-Event Videos

While we’re talking about marketing opportunities, why not get us to record some short videos pre-event?  Why does your keynote speaker think people should come to hear to them talk? Why should their company sponsor the event?  What are the benefits of attending in person? What are the benefits for signing up to watch online? These are all short videos that can be recorded without anyone having to leave their office!

Include Your Online Audience

Once you’ve made the decision to record your conference or event make sure you involve your online audience in the experience, especially those watching live.  Make sure that speakers acknowledge them. Give them the opportunity to ask questions if applicable. The webcast player includes a feature that lets viewers ask a question without having to leave the application to go into their own email program.  If the speaker asks for a show of hands people can send in their response using this tool as well. Feeling included will make them want to be apart of the live audience rather than waiting until another time to view the presentation.

However, if the purpose of recording is for future viewing be sure to add tools such as polls to your webcast.  This can give you an insight into whether people found the presentation valuable, whether they would watch again in the future and whether they would consider attending in person next time.  You can also add a link to a post-event survey that will appear when the presentation/s finish.

If you would like more information on how to have us record your next conference or event, or would like to add any of the above additional services, please get in touch.  We look forward to working with you soon!

This article was written by Shannon Jones