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ACCYPN’s Hybrid Event

ACCYPN is a small not for profit organisation run by a small group of passionate individuals dedicated to supporting nurses working with children and their families. Like many not for profit organisations, ACCYPN relies heavily on membership dues and event registration revenue to keep its business operating. Not for profit doesn’t mean no revenue. One of the challenges that ACCYPN has been facing is a drop in event attendance. To help offset the drop in revenue from reduced event attendance – ACCYPN approached us to webcast their annual conference. In the past, we would simply record presentations and upload them for on demand viewing after the event. Like many people, the good folks at ACCYPN were worried about cannibalising attendance at their major event so they decided not to allow delegates to view content until after the event.

After  ACCYPN decided to raise the bar and offer a fully hybrid event experience to their members and non-members across Australia.

After months of planning, ACCYPN delivered their first hybrid event – generating revenue from attendees who couldn’t make it in person for a number of reasons, and providing in person delegates with an opportunity to catch up on sessions they had missed or to review sessions they enjoyed.



We provided a 3 man crew to manage the event over 3 days and also consulted before the event to provide ACCYPN with a range of best practices and advice. During the event – all sessions were webcast live and then uploaded for immediate on demand playback. The online audience could ask questions via their keyboard, as well as take part in polls throughout the event.

The results? A win win for ACCYPN and its members. ACCYPN increased attendance at their event and generated revenue. Members who wouldn’t normally be able to attend the event were able to participate from wherever they were located. Sponsors took the opportunity to get their messages delivered well beyond the four walls of the venue.