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Green Cities Mobile App & Live Webcast

When the folks from the Property Council of Australia wanted to evolve their event and introduce a mobile app & live webcasting to engage their audience – they turned to us for help.

In association with our partners – Zerista – we developed an integrated solution comprising of a unified desktop site & mobile app, integrated with our webcasting platform. Additional customisations included adding live polling to gather audience feedback throughout the event.

Several hundred attendees along with sponsors and exhibitors created personal profiles,updated their schedules, organised meetings, asked questions, watched live and on demand webcasts and more, all via a single app.

The result? Over 60% adoption, a ton of meetings arranged in advance, improved networking opportunities and several thousand replays of recorded content.

The best part? We can track who watched what, for how long, the most watched segment, what sessions were the most popular, what people were most interested in and more.