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Massey University’s Online Video Tidal Wave





How did a university with one full-time staffer and three distributed campuses, including a distance learning program with 16,000 enrolled students, create thousands of online presentations with hundreds of thousands of views?

Vision, cooperation and Mediasite.

“After seven years of persistence, and a bucket load of patience, Massey University is not only adopting Mediasite, but hitting it hard with a multimillion dollar, multi-campus scale-up that we like to call the rich media learning project, or RML for short,”

Matt Alexander.

Massey, located in New Zealand, uses Mediasite for university-wide automated lecture capture, as well as conferences, staff training and high profile, no-fail, live webcasts of VIP speakers in a variety of environments, from traditional classroom lecture theaters to traditional Maori meeting houses. Its deployment of Mediasite is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Back in 2005, we started showing Matt – a Multimedia Developer in those days – how to capture presentations on the fly without having to spend hours in post production. We had a vision that the university could switch its paper based extra mural courses, into online courses using Mediasite to power the delivery of knowledge in an audible, visual & kinesthetic way.

Now, the university is taking it to the next step by implementing a flipped approach – recording short lectures for students to watch before class, freeing up teaching time so classes are more engaging and active.

Check out the video that Matt has produced that explains what they’ve created.

Matt says the video “hints at the effort required to evangelise, develop and deploy a multi-campus rich media approach to on-line learning in a very traditional New Zealand University.

“It shows that through persistence, patience and hard work, good things can finally happen. Massey University not only finally adopted Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite but we’re are hitting it hard, with a multimillion dollar, multi-campus scale-up that we like to call the Rich media Learning project.

“Mediasite is the engine that manages our Lecture Capture schedules, provides desktop capture and screencast capability, as well as enables managed dissemination of student-centred media enriched learning objects to its online learners.

“From a technical perspective, the University’s Rich Media Learning project provisions for an exceptional University-wide teaching and learning production facility.

Mediasite to Massey University is more than just a webcasting solution that allows us to teach across distance and time; it is a transformative pedagogical tool that we have finally unleashed from pilot phase into the hands of our faculty as we too move towards a more flipped approached to teaching.

“With Mediasite, we can look forward to a future where all our students are more engaged in active learning, problem-solving, in the application of their instruction.  Through freed-up teaching time our staff are able to provide more informative and engaging lessons enhancing the overall student learning experience.”

And what do you know? Matt was lucky enough to be awarded for his efforts. Its the second time Matt’s been awarded – and we’re very proud to have been associated with Matt and the rest of the team at Massey.