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Building an Enterprise Video Platform for TAFE Queensland

The folks at Videolinq – the Video Conferencing & Video Streaming service provider for TAFE Queensland – had a problem. They deployed Tandberg Video Conferencing throughout the State of Queensland and forked out big bucks for Tandberg Content Server (TCS), an appliance based solution for recording video conferences.

It sounded great on the surface but as time went by, TAFE Queensland’s storage policy and a lack of content management capability within TCS – meant that it was becoming time consuming to manage recordings and then after all the effort, the organisation couldn’t store them for long enough to make good use of them.

Videolinq have been users of Mediasite for many years and had previously used the platform for streaming live presentations or automating the capture of adhoc video conference meetings. We got talking about some of the features they weren’t using – such as media import projects. Its genius…you point your Mediasite to a “dropbox” location and whenever a new media file appears, Mediasite automatically ingests it – then notifies you when its ready.

Thanks to some Kiwi ingenuity, we were able to integrate TCS with Mediasite so that when recordings are completed on TCS – they’re automatically ingested into Mediasite so they can be easily managed, secured, searched, tagged, categorised and authorised viewers can watch content from anywhere, anytime. Since we’re hosting Mediasite for TAFE Queensland, there’s no issues regarding storage or bandwidth limits so we can now look forward to further integration projects such as enabling automatic publishing of content into the new Learning Management System.

All in a days work for us here at JPL. Let us know how we can help you make sense of your video assets whilst you sip champagne on the beach!