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Who moved my cheese? How to evolve your event to match attendee, sponsor & exhibitor demands.


TODAY’S trade show producers—and attendees—are welcoming alternative approaches to event experiences with a common theme: innovation. Technology and apps are leading a revival in this new twist on B2B events, and organizers report higher productivity, a stronger return on investment and lower costs, compared to traditional approaches.

In recent years, we’ve seen new meeting formats and modern technology transform trade shows and conferences. Today, event producers are deliberately putting the right people in the right situations to get business done. Through online platforms and apps, they’re making it easier than ever to connect sellers with buyers in a meaningful way. And the timing couldn’t be better.

While industry events have long been the cornerstone of effective B2B selling, attendees’ faith was shaken as to just how cost-effective and productive these time-sensitive events really are, compared to more modern, data-driven marketing channels. As attendees faltered, it kicked off a domino effect, and event producers struggled to retain top sponsors and exhibitors.

Out of that struggle came innovation. B2B event producers were determined to find solutions and save the trade show industry. Scrambling to meet new demands, they sought the latest new technology in a push to return to pre-2009 heights.

And it’s working. Numbers are climbing. Momentum is growing. Trade shows & events are rebounding. Today, B2B events account for US$526 billion, globally. Events make up 21 percent of the B2B marketing budget, and 93 percent of marketers engaged in content marketing say events are key. That translates to huge potential for event managers. The trick is to produce experiences that cut through the noise and offer effective, efficient solutions.

This ebook will examine how new formats are shaking things up and injecting new life into an industry that was lagging.

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