Lean in, not lean back.

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Ever noticed how you lean in when you’re engaged with something? 

Then you lean back when you’ve lost interest…

We’re here to help you create meaningful one on one’s by connecting information seekers with information providers in an engaging and interactive format. Sounds simple right? Think again.

The number of organisations who employ a remote workforce and communicate with a remote audience has increased exponentially.

At the same time, people have been making web shows on the internet for decades and have generated millions of dollars in the process.

Organisations have been meeting face to face and meeting online since the internet was invented.

Web technology makes it easy to communicate with each other no matter where we’re located. But we’re time poor and have a low tolerance for irrelevant information or conversation.

JPL media online meeting

Transformation to a flexible work and learning environment has been happening for the last two decades. Its not the new normal, its just normal.

online event for people who works from home or anywhere.

Content has to be engaging and you have to get people to the point of interest quickly and you have to know how they’ve used the information to get results.

No matter if you’re meeting for business or for learning, your audience will use an internet connected device at some point before, during and after the meeting takes place.

This opens up new opportunities to communicate more effectively, do more with less, focus on engagement, reach new audiences and transform your organisation.

Understanding the path to success no matter where you’re up to in the journey requires a technology partner with proven experience. You’ll want to avoid the pitfalls or else your journey will become time consuming and cumbersome.

Capture intuitive analytics. Gauge success metrics in real time.

That’s where we come in!

JPL Media was formed in 2007 with a simple goal. Eliminate or compress the workflow associated with creating, distributing, managing, securing and tracking interactive online content consumed in real time or on demand.

We’re focused on unlocking the power of interactive video and online engagement tools for you with easy-to-use and scalable solutions backed by 5-star customer support. 

We make sure educators, subject matter experts and communicators reach the masses in real time with the most inspiring and imaginative uses of streaming media and audience engagement tools you’ll ever see. 

We support a wide range of industries by supplying and supporting platforms designed for automated video capture, video content management, webcasting, streaming, web meeting, audience engagement & interaction and more – all with valuable data tracking tools to enable you to see how effective your communications are, and what people are.

Our event services teams are delivering hundreds of hybrid, virtual and flipped events to audiences around the globe every year. 

To make your life simple, we’ve automated a lot of the donkey work to save you time and money.

Increase in content creation (2021 - 2022)

Content creators

Increased interactions (2021 - 2022)

Hours of curated, interactive, searchable media

Our Crew


Founder & Director


Julian has over 30 years experience in the digital media industry and has worked for many of the worlds leading brands (Sonic Foundry, Linn HiFi, Mitsubishi Electric, Thomson, ProjectionDesign). Dedicated to making life simple, Julian is a Kiwi living on the Gold Coast with his beautiful family. Julian loves snow skiing, tennis, rugby union and playing loud music!


Director of Technology


Ian is our technical expert when it comes to building things. Ian has completed hundreds of Mediasite installations, including higher education projects such as Auckland U of Technology, Southern Cross, Bordeaux, Poitiers, Manchester, Birmingham City, London Business School, Cardiff, Royal Holloway, Leipzig, Magdeburg, EDHEC, KAUST, Virtual U of Tunis, dozens of corporate and healthcare installations, and live event projects. Ian is a wicked DJ and loves producing techno.


Client Success Manager


Shannon joined JPL Media in 2017 after spending 18 years as the Videostreaming Coordinator for TAFE Queensland. Shannon’s fabulous to work with because she’s got so much experience managing a video streaming platform and her approach is non-technical meaning that you’ll get your Mediasite up and running super fast and will have everyone loving the user experience. Shannon lives in Mackay, in tropical North Queensland and in her spare time, coaches a netball team. Shannon enjoys floristry and counting sheep.

maddie staff photo

Social Media Manager


Maddie is a wonderful artist, poet and author and a valued part of our creative team. She developed her creative practices from a very young age and has years of experience in art, creative writing, video production, photography and script writing. Maddie loves travelling, anything creative, pulling horse faces and practicing yoga!


Client Happiness Manager


Tim Butterfield

Key Account Manager, Event Services


Tim provides a wealth of experience gained from many years in the sales, management, production and delivery of live events from small face to face meetings to multi-day, multi-room virtual conferences. Tim frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty for his customers and has the rare ability to count backwards whilst hopping on one foot. Tim is based on the Gold Coast and has a passion for golf, boating and the game of Twister.


Video Producer


Alejo hails from Colombia where he and his business partner Lina ran their own video production company, specialising in high quality advertisements and training videos for corporations, banks and more. Alejo loves to build elaborate skylines with paper mache and is also a keen tropical fish collector.

Jamie Meakin JPL Media
Project Manager


Jamie brings years of customer service excellence to the team and enjoys the simple pleasures of life... a.k.a snowboarding. He has spent 14 years as a travel agent and 11 years in hospitality before that. But as he says, "those were just a means to an end to support my snowboarding habit (addiction)". You can trust Jamie to bring out the best in your event, as well as your team.

gabrielle profile picture

Project Manager


Gabrielle is an English rose, living on the Gold Coast. Gabrielle graduated from Royal Holloway University with a degree in digital media and is responsible for project management on hybrid and virtual events. Gabrielle loves surfing, making cool things, humming and singing at the top of her voice. She’s also a very talented sound engineer (hence why she likes to hum)


Branch Manager


Koda originates from Chesapeake Bay and specialises in alerting us when someone is at the door. Koda is a Taurus and loves playing ball, swimming, digging holes and chasing sticks.

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