Production Services Addendum

Last Updated: May 6th, 2022

This¬†Production Services Addendum is part of the JPL Media’s Enterprise Terms and governs the provision of live streaming production services by JPL Media.

Production Services.

    • JPL Media or its subcontractors will provide the live streaming production services stated in an Order Form executed by you and JPL Media. The Order Form must state the date and venue of the event. JPL Media shall be responsible for providing personnel to provide the services, cameras and microphones, and computer hardware for video encoding and streaming.
    • If you request additional work beyond the scope of the Order Form, the parties shall execute a Change Order.
    • JPL Media shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to provide services caused by your failures hereunder.


Your Responsibilities.

You shall be solely responsible for:

    • Providing electrical power, a dedicated hardwired Internet connection, and equipment and furniture, as stated in the Order Form;
    • Providing JPL Media with adequate access to the venue to set up and provide the services;
    • Providing on-site security as appropriate to the event;
    • Ensuring a safe working environment;
    • Ensuring that you have the legal right to hold the event in the venue;
    • Ensuring that all persons who may appear visibly during the event have been notified of the live streaming taking place and have, if required by applicable law, executed appropriate releases;
    • Obtaining any releases, permissions, or licenses required for the display, exhibition, or performance of any third-party copyrighted works or trademarks during the event; and
    • Ensuring that the content of the event does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

Fees and Cancellation.

You will pay the fees stated in the Order Form according to the payment terms set forth therein. You may, by providing at least 14 days’ written notice, reschedule the event. You must pay all fees in the event of cancellation. All payments are non-refundable.


Intellectual Property.

    • For the purpose of the JPL Media Terms of Service Agreement, content streamed during the event and any Event Works (defined below) shall be considered content that you submit through our service.
    • As between the parties, you own all intellectual property in and to the live stream of the event and any archived or edited footage thereof that are created by JPL Media pursuant to an Order Form (collectively, “Event Works“). All Event Works shall be deemed a “work made for hire.”
    • In the event the Event Works cannot be deemed a work made for hire, then JPL Media irrevocably assigns all right, title, and interest in the Event Works to you.
    • In the event the Event Works cannot be assigned, then JPL Media grants you an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license to use, copy, transmit, distribute, stream, sublicense, adapt, and publicly perform the Event Works through all media.