Without Searchable Metadata, You’re Operating in the Dark

Does your organisation’s video library sometimes seem like a dark, disorganized storage room where it’s nearly impossible to find what you’re looking for?

Have you had to spend hours skipping manually through video files looking for a specific section of content?

Is your company storing gigabytes of video content, but without any sort of organized index or naming conventions?

If so, you are not alone.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, today’s employees spend over 25% of their workday searching for information. And as video becomes more and more central to the day-to-day operations of many companies, it’s likely that a significant chunk of that 25% is being spent searching through video content. Unless you are a professional researcher, that’s A LOT of time to spend just finding the information and content you need to do your actual job.

How can we reduce that time? The short answer: make sure that your video library is easily searchable.

Having a world-class video management platform like Mediasite® is wonderful – but a platform is only one part of a successful overall video strategy. The next step is making sure that the content stored in your platform is searchable, accessible and easy to navigate.

Good thing Mediasite customers enjoy premier access to AI-powered video transformation tools from Vidable™.

Automated Speech Recognition Maximizes the Value of Searchable Metadata

When Mediasite Captions Powered by Vidable are enabled, Vidable applies detailed, time-stamped automatic speech recognition (ASR) data to videos, making it possible to search for specific content within individual video files.

Remember that dark, disorganized storage room? Applying Vidable metadata to the videos in your Mediasite library is like turning on the lights and adding detailed, accurate labels to every box and drawer in the room. The best part: the entire process is automated by AI, so you won’t have to spend a single hour of your workday on it.

group watching tablet

Searchability benefits all of your video stakeholders – from your customers and content owners to IT support staff and the organisation as a whole.

Applying advanced metadata from Vidable to your video library will:

  • Allow your audience to instantly find the content they’re most interested in
  • Improve your operational efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks like tagging and indexing
  • Enable you to quickly identify, extract, and re-deploy your most valuable archival content

So don’t waste any more time manually skipping through video files to find the content you’re looking for. Make your Mediasite video library searchable today with advanced metadata from Vidable.

Reach out to your Mediasite representative today and begin leveraging video metadata through Mediasite Captions Powered by Vidable.