9 Tips for Choosing a Hybrid Event Streaming Partner

You’ve heard of hybrid events. You know that they can help you expand the reach of your event by including those who simply cannot attend via webcasting. But do you know what those remote attendees should experience and what the easiest and most reliable way to make that happen is? Asking yourself the following questions[…]

Enterprise lecture capture, online events and availability

Among the many things to consider when choosing an enterprise webcast / lecture capture system for your organization, we’re commonly posed with the same list of concerns for every project. We’ve put together a short list of discussion points relating to availability that we find useful for the initial discussions of a webcast / lecture capture system deployment[…]

File transfers, and the applications we like to do them with

With all the cloud shares and online drives abound, the development of file transfer applications seems to have tapered off into the abyss of yesteryear. Now the focus is on web services that give you a handful of GB and some nifty sync application to install on your workstation. As useful as the cloud is, when you have 13[…]

Who moved my cheese? How to evolve your event to match attendee, sponsor & exhibitor demands.

TODAY’S trade show producers—and attendees—are welcoming alternative approaches to event experiences with a common theme: innovation. Technology and apps are leading a revival in this new twist on B2B events, and organizers report higher productivity, a stronger return on investment and lower costs, compared to traditional approaches. In recent years, we’ve seen new meeting formats and[…]

3 Ways to Keep Up with Social Video

Video has been on marketers’ to-do lists for years, but in recent months it has been emerging from all directions. The networks are battling over which one will dominate social video, customers are gobbling up video in a variety of ways, and brands are trying to keep up with both. Add to that the challenge[…]