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January 20, 2015

deliver a virtual or hybrid event


Hybrid or blended events offer a mix of face-to-face and virtual experiences simultaneously. You complement your face-to-face, onsite, physical event with viewing over the web, both live and on-demand.


The result is a hybrid event, conference or meeting that serves two audiences:

those who could not attend the physical event

and those who attended but want to review sessions they may have missed.

And GigTV Event Services has successfully completed hundreds of hybrid and virtual events. Hybrid event solutions are especially beneficial in these difficult economic times with travel restrictions, budget cuts and increasing pressure to produce positive ROI. Event webcasting can be a cost-effective way to get the message out, fill seats and find new sources of revenue all at the same time.

Hybrid event applications


Multi-room, multi-day events webcast live to an onsite audience and/or captured for on-site attendees to review after the event

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• Keynote
• Concurrent sessions
• Tradeshow and vendor presentations

Large audience events

Single events webcast live with hundreds to thousands of online viewers


• All-hands meeting
• Guest speaker
• Product launch
• Earnings call
• Press conference
• Commencement
• Award ceremony
• Corporate training events
• Forums and listening sessions

Components of a hybrid event

• Record, webcast and host: Using any one of our world class platforms – or your own if you prefer, GigTV Event Services technicians record your speakers and their materials on-site and instantly stream the presentation over the internet. People can then watch in real-time or later on-demand through any web browser.

GigTV guarantees the highest quality end product, with the webcast available both live or immediately following the event for on-demand viewing.

• Registration: Use your existing event registration system or ours complete with confirmation emails and event reminders. We’ve created different levels from basic registration (such as fields for only name and email) to more advanced with multiple fields and integration with your event management systems.

• Social networking: Embed presentations within your organization or conference website surrounded by your social media, or integrate a social media feed within the player itself.

• Security: Determine who will view your content, whether publicly available, through single sign on or multi-level access codes.

• Project management: Partnering with GigTV gives you access to our technical and project management expertise before, during and after your event. We can either provide turnkey webcasting services or work as a part of your event technology team.

• Reporting: See how many attendees watched what, when and for how long.

• Custom web development: Attendees and exhibitors can interact online before, during and after the event in a custom social website, complete with profiles, schedule and links to the recorded conference sessions. Further integrate your webcasts into already adopted tools like social networking sites, conference websites, training portals or your intranet.

Benefits of hybrid events

For your business
• Generate a proven return on investment by creating new revenue streams
• Provide more value by helping drive event attendance and viewership
• Make content available immediately for on-demand viewing, no long encoding or editing process
• Differentiate your service offering

For your clients
• Take the event to the people who cannot be present
• Increase revenue by selling live or on-demand access online
• Create an online experience that mirrors the live event, complete with interaction between presenter and viewers
• Avoid scheduling con icts and boost retention as attendees watch sessions on-demand
• Eliminate the burden on presenters with no software, no uploads and no change to their normal presentation style